I'm not a mind reader but I might know what you're thinking.
yay, our first chance to think through a money decision together! solo agents might be thinking wait...can I afford that? generally, solo agents come to me when their commission volume is over $72,000 per year or $6,000 per month. if your business isn't at this level yet, this investment is probably a stretch.
we all have our non-negotiables, and I respect that. teams might be thinking if you're going to  tell us coffee runs are over... hard pass. money management is not about budget cuts or scare tactics. it's about empowering YOU with information about your money so you can decide what to do with it.
in a word, no. because managing money is a life skill! everyone might be thinking isn't it kind of weird  to spend money on... money? think of it like investing in a college course on entrepreneurship, personal finance, management, and accounting all rolled in to one... but make it totally personalized and not boring and immediately useful.
A few examples of the real feels: So you're nervous about the process. Are you going to feel overwhelmed, intimidated, or plain old bored? Nah. empowered confident Quinn's approach is gentle and effective. I love the CLEAR method she's cultivated and found it easy to use to break things down in a way that wasn't overwhelming. I so appreciate her knowledge and empowerment. Quinn is impeccable at helping entrepreneurs get organized, confident, and growing with their money and numbers. engaged Quinn gets it! She makes talking finances both easy to understand and entertaining.
Again, not a mind reader,  but this isn't my first rodeo. so in case you're thinking...  I'm just too busy for one. more. thing. Imagine the relief of having your money management handled by an expert so you can check in for just 30 minutes per week and be on top of everything that's important to your business.  It's a process that is so much simpler (and less draining) than worrying and avoiding, amiright?  I'm here to help you do less and enjoy more..