You’ve got #lifegoals…  but is your business making them happen or holding you back?  I teach accidental entrepreneurs and creatives just like you how to design your business, so it becomes the key to unlock your dream lifestyle, flexibility and financial freedom.
Hi, I’m Quinn. Business coach, money expert, mom, and color-coded Post-it note super user.
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If you’re like me, you want everything in its place, whether we’re talking your closet or your bank account. But when the business takes off and life gets hectic, one day you look around and wonder how everything got out of control. So how do you get to the point where you’re finally running your business, instead of letting it running you?
You can use your business to create the lifestyle you want, and hit your big money goals, at the same time. I can show you how.
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In all my programs you get personalized 1:1 coaching, tailored to your exact business needs. So how do you find your perfect-fit program? Easy! Tell me about what’s keeping you stuck.
I’ve tried to make a change, but then I know what I want but then I know I need to do something but then
but I don’t follow through…can’t keep it up…or overcommit and burn out. don’t know how to get there…feel overwhelmed with too many options…or need to finally carve out the time to figure out what to do. I have no idea where to start…feel like it’s too late… or am sure I’ll fail because I’ve always been bad with money.
expert guidance, accountability, and help with boundaries a fast turnaround action plan, help tuning out the noise, dedicated distraction-free time encouragement, education, and in-depth support
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