Hi, I’m Quinn.  Do you have a financial friend, a money maven, or a business bestie in your life?  Well now you do!
Back in the mid-80’s, a pale baby girl with crazy dark hair was born. Ahead of their time, the parents named their daughter Quinn (Apparently more popular for boys at that moment? Thanks to Glee, our female numbers have since grown.)
I grew up wearing cool hats; competing in spelling bees, math meets, and volleyball tournaments; and earning nerdy accolades in high school and college.
Summer 2007  College: Done. CPA exam: Passed. New job working with corporate giants: Starting. Mood: Optimistic! Excited! Watch out world, I’m going downtown in high heels!  Fall 2007  Mood: Underwhelmed. Bored. Secretly questioning important life choices.
After making the move from big corporate auditor to small business consultant, things were looking up! My work shifted from repetitive accounting reviews to strategic financial problem solving. I was suddenly exposed to small business clients, a whole new world where people worked for themselves and blazed their own trails.
I grew two children (who I can now report also love chocolate, books and cool hats).
Motherhood is a lot of things, and for me it was A LOT.  I was exhausted, crabby, and starting to wonder how I could continue billing my time in six-minute increments for the next 30 years. I liked helping clients sort out really complex and important financial issues in their lives, but I didn’t like the deadlines, last-minute scrambles, or the pressure to be perfect and polished at every moment.   (Did I mention at this point I was an expert witness? Yeah…it was a whole thing. Kinda like the Good Wife, but not really.)  I started wondering if I had what it takes to start my own business, just like the clients I was helping every day.
I wanted to offer my version of money management to help the successful people running the smallest businesses without a real support system, because they were priced out of the advisory services offered by traditional accounting firms.   So I quit my job eek. It was time for me to captain my own ship.
You know who started hopping on my ship?  Real estate agents!  I quickly learned the culture of most brokerages is focused only on production.   In the industry, talking about your sales volume with a total stranger is the norm.   But who's talking about the costs to run the business? No one was.   Now I am.  I'm not talking about how to get more, I'm talking about how to get better. And I'm talking about how to get better in a new way.  My way is approachable, customized, engaging, funny, empowering, realistic, and calming.
People like my way, it turns out.   Once they get over the surprise that a program like this even exists, I mean. Because it really hasn’t before (at least not that I’ve found).   So, there you have it.  Money management made easy. That’s my thing.