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If you left your 9-to-5 dreaming of a lifestyle business, but now you're fed up, burned out, and wondering where you went wrong... I bet no one told you about this key to success: getting out of the employee mindset trap

what is employee mode?

I like to call the employee mindset trap "employee mode" for short. In employee mode, you're reactive rather than proactive. You look around at what other people are doing and try to do the same thing.

Why? Because that's how you stayed out of trouble in your 9-to-5!

Or if you're a goal setting overachiever, you have to do MORE than everyone else because that's how you get the gold stars! 

But here's the thing: when you run your own business you have to learn to trust yourself (and keep your eyes on your own paper).

are you in employee mode right now?

I recently had a 15-second  interaction with a total stranger that sums up employee mode beautifully. Here's the story:

I was working on my laptop in the coffee lounge area at the gym on a Thursday morning. A random guy came over to me and said "Working from home? Put a piece of tape over your camera in case someone pops up on video. That's what I do!"

I was confused for a few seconds. Obviously I was not at home, and why would I care if someone wanted to video chat? I look relatively normal today!

Then it dawned on me - to him, I was obviously playing hooky, "working from home" and would face some serious consequences if someone in charge found out.

This guy was programmed to be so deep in employee mode that he felt compelled to offer me advice to stay out of trouble!

Here are just a few signs that even though you left the cubicle, you're still in employee mode: 

  • Feeling guilty when you're not working "normal hours"
  • Finding unnecessary busy work to fill your time
  • Not selling your offers because to make more money, you need to work more hours

Any of these sound familiar? No, I can't read your mind...but I've been there and my clients have too. The key to ensure your business fits your life (and not the other way around) is to move into boss mode. 

let's activate boss mode

In boss mode, you make the calls in your business with confidence. I'd love to help you build that confidence. Curious about how we do it?

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