It’s time for reality to match the vision board.  Finally!
There’s Just one problem.  It’s impossible to live the dream, make smart money choices AND get your runaway train of a business back on the rails…right?  Wrong!
You CAN activate your vision board and make huge leaps toward financial freedom at the same time.  If you let your business be the roadMAP and not the roadBLOCK.  I can teach you how.
Quinn here.  Your guide for all. The. hard. Things. In your business.  I’m a CPA who did my time as an expert witness, billing my time in (very expensive) 6 minute increments for a decade.
Now as your business coach and money mentor, I’m teaching accidental entrepreneurs, creatives and former 9-to-5-ers just like you everything I’ve learned about how to make your business fit your life and fund your life.
Are you ready? to move from overwhelmed with worry about “doing it wrong”
 to overwhelmed with joy and pride at the life you’ve built  Putting your dreams on the back burner until one day when your business is bigger, better and magically easier to putting your dreams at the forefront of your strategy and your daily decisions
Surviving with your needs as the last priority in your business to thriving as the CEO of your business with boundaries fit for a boss?
If you are Ready to stop riding the wave and start steering the ship…
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Activate Your Vision Board  is my signature coaching program where you get:  the tools you need to get unstuck, get clear on your goals, and get familiar with your business on another level; and  the support and expertise you need to transform your business from roadblock to roadmap
who will you be when you Activate Your Vision Board?
you'll be in the elite crew of bosses who know how to run a business with...
Tune out the noise and focus on exactly what your business needs. Clarity A founding member of the elite group of entrepreneurs who have… We get back to basics to build your confidence with money decisions right away. Confidence
Your time without a rainy day fund is officially over - and peaceful nights of sleep are in your future. Security Because it's just easier to stay on track when someone else is cheering you on! Accountability
Speed This program is specifically designed to be fast and focused! Boundaries Get more of what you want, and less of what you don't, by setting and sticking to new boundaries.
Simplicity Feel the relief when you settle in to doing the right things, not the most things. (See also: clarity and boundaries.) Fun Feeling good about your business and money goals is FUN! You belong in the fun club.
my promise to you in Activate Your Vision Board,  I teach methods that are  timeless, not trendy we both want your business to age very well,  and here's how you'll make that happen.
why  entrepreneurship feels like playing Chutes & Ladders - money mythbusters - overcoming common mindset blocks get unstuck the simple step you're probably not doing - one more crucial step you're probably not doing - don't run a hurdles course in the dark get specific get comfy with two info sources you shouldn't ignore, but probably are - three p's of money security - cash flow confidence for non-accountants get your plan get out there and unleash your new secret weapon! get going get familiar you are  here submit the plug & play worksheets that summarize your business - discuss your personalized dashboard - get your action plan 1 2 3 4 5
the best part? it's designed to be super streamlined and efficient, so you can get going on your plan within one week.
what to expect
Once you’re in, you get immediate access to the self-guided video exercises and worksheets that show you how to get unstuck, get specific, get familiar, and get a plan. All you need to do is dedicate one hour to dive in, do the work and submit your completed worksheets to me.
You choose a one hour time slot on my calendar for a virtual meeting where we get to dive deep into your results.
 I geek out and build your personalized dashboard with the most important things to focus on in your business, so you can start making progress on those beautiful vision board dreams!
We hop on a virtual meeting to chat about your dashboard, your dreams, and your epic plan! You go out into the world and make. the. magic. happen.